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Learn how to design and implement elegant RESTful APIs with Laravel.

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JSON API standard

Write standardized requests and responses by following the JSON API standard.

Query Builder

Implement database queries based on the current requests with Spatie's query builder.

Basics of TDD

Learn the fundamentals of red-green-refactor and test-driven development.

Other API-related topics

Other useful ideas such as API versioning, API best practices, and Laravel resources.

About The Book

"Proper API Design with Laravel" is a short book that covers the fundamentals of API design. It provides you with an introduction to building APIs where:

  • Filtering

  • Sorting

  • Relationships

  • Sparse fieldsets

are easy to implement and follow the standards of JSON API. It also teaches you the fundamentals of Test-Driven Development and other API tips that you can use.

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Who Am I?

👋 Hey!I'm Martin Joo, a PHP developer since 2012. I'm also a content creator, blogger, and author of:

  • Domain-Driven Design with Laravel

  • DevOps with Laravel

  • Microservices with Laravel

  • Laravel Concepts

  • Test-Driven APIs with Laravel and Pest

  • Laravel Eloquent Recipes

  • Proper API Design with Laravel

  • Common Mistakes in Laravel

  • Blog For Laravel Artisans

As you can see, I really love Laravel. I'm also sharing everything I know about development on Twitter.

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